Chimney Sweeping

Ensure your chimney is in good condition and your building is safe with our chimney sweeping services. Capital Local Services offers a range of services to help you maintain and clean your fireplaces and air ducts. We are based in Burien, WA, and have helped keep our clients safe and compliant for a long time. 

The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 (NFPA 211) is the codebook that governs how solid fuel-burning appliances are used. This code requires an annual inspection and cleaning for all your fireplaces, chimneys, wood stoves, and pellet stoves.

When you use our professional chimney sweeping services, you can keep your chimney in great condition and reduce the risk of a chimney fire.  Our services cover the initial inspection, full chimney cleaning and sweeping, and any other related services. We are ready to serve no matter the brand, make, or type of fireplace and chimney you have. 

If you are a homeowner or a property manager and have a fireplace and chimney in your home and building, you have to think about safety and compliance. Getting an annual inspection done is the responsible way to avoid fire hazards from your fuel-burning stoves and your fireplaces.

If you are in the Burien area and want to find out more about the NFPA 211 requirements applicable to you, you can contact us at Capital Local Services.  We can also provide you with more information on our services and prices.

Are you looking for reliable chimney sweep services from a professional and experienced service? At Capital Local Services, we value professionalism in all aspects of our work. Whether you are submitting an inquiry or we are conducting an inspection or cleaning, our team works with the highest level of professionalism. Our clients know us for our high standard of professionalism and the high-quality work we do.

When you have a Capital Local Services technician at your building, you don’t have to worry about many things. We clean your chimney, and we don’t leave a big mess for you to sort out. We communicate clearly with you concerning all the work required, your chimney’s exact condition, and all the work completed. If we pick up on any other maintenance, repair, or cleaning work that you may require, we offer them.  

If you are looking for superior customer service, professional work, and a chimney sweeping company that respects you and your property, then you are in the right place. Our experienced team gets the job done right.

What can you expect from Capital Local Services chimney sweeping? Here is a quick breakdown:

Advanced and efficient cleaning and vacuuming methods and equipment

  • Adherence to industry standards
  • Protection of your property while we work
  • An inspection of the chimney and fireplace or stove to find the best cleaning approach (indoor and outdoor) 
  • Professional chimney cleaning 
  • A full evaluation of work done and clear invoicing

Both our new and returning customers love our service. If you need chimney sweeping in the Burien area, reach out to us.

Chimney Repair

Capital Local Services is ready to assist with all your chimney repair needs. If you notice any chimney venting issues, reach out to us so our professional chimney technicians can take a look.

Many home and building owners don’t pay as much attention to the chimney as it should. After all, it’s almost out of sight and works quietly in the background. If you have a solid fuel-burning stove or a fireplace, your chimney serves a vital role in ventilation. When it is broken or not working properly, this could be a safety risk.

We provide a range of services to our clients in the Burien area, including chimney sweeping and inspections. During the required annual chimney inspection, we closely examine the outside and inside of your chimney. Our experienced technicians make a note of any damages and pressing repair and maintenance needs and make recommendations. 

There is a range of repairs that your chimney may need, and Capital Local Services has a certified team of chimney technicians ready to help.

Not many people fully understand the inner workings of a chimney, so it is crucial to seek professional help if you detect that something is amiss. There could be any number of issues that are causing your chimney to malfunction. Additionally, during the recommended annual inspection, we can also pick up future repair and maintenance requirements.


Common chimney issues include:


  • Poor venting
  • Poor draft
  • Internal corrosion
  • Blocked flues


Most of the repair work we carry out is either in the firebox or on the roof. Over time and with exposure to high temperatures and extreme weather conditions, various chimney parts can begin to deteriorate and fall apart. This affects the normal function of the chimney and the safety of the building.

Our team regularly conducts many different chimney repair services. Whether you need some minor repairs or chimney restoration work, we can help. Here are some of the most common repair jobs we work on:

  • Crown repair: The chimney crown prevents water from entering the chimney. If this is damaged, water can enter and cause corrosion to the structure and other extensive damage. 
  • Tuckpointing: If there is loose mortar between the bricks, this process restores the mortar.
  • Flashing seal
  • Masonry repair on the roof, which can include crown repair, tuckpointing, and flashing seal
  • Sheet metal work on the roof
  • Leaky chimney repairs: Water damage can affect the roof, chimney, and attic and cause serious and expensive problems

We have experience working with all kinds of chimneys, including masonry, brick, fireplace, and factory-built chimneys. We offer a range of services such as chimney repair and maintenance, chimney sweeping and cleaning, and annual inspections as per industry guidelines.

When you use our service, you are assured of professionalism, great customer service, and a quality finish. If you are in the Burien, WA area and need your chimney repaired or inspected, reach out to us at Capital Local Services. We can answer your questions regarding chimney care. Schedule a chimney inspection today. 

Fireplace Installation

Having a fireplace in your house can add so much to your home life. Many people are privileged to live in homes that already have a fireplace, but you are in the right place if you are considering having one installed.

Capital Local Services is your local go-to service for all things chimneys, fireplaces, and ventilation in the Burien, WA area. The first thing we can help you with is deciding what kind of fireplace to have installed.

Capital Local Services technicians are certified and have worked with all kinds of chimney types. These include masonry, brick, fireplace, and factory-built chimneys. We consider industry regulations, building codes, and safety factors in all of the projects that we take on.

There are many different types of fireplaces, and each one adds some specific value to your home. Once you decide on getting a fireplace installed in your home, we can inspect your home and help you determine a suitable location and setup. It is also important to consider the type of chimney you have. Both fireplaces and chimneys have important functional roles, but they also have an aesthetic component that should not be neglected.

Once the inspection work is done and a feasibility assessment has been completed together with all cost assessments, the fireplace installation work can begin. Our experienced technicians work efficiently and with the highest working standards. Our past clients take pride in their fireplaces installed by us in Burien and surrounding areas.

Once you have your fireplace installed, you can start to enjoy it, whether it is to beautify your home, for warmth during the winter, or for other uses. Installation is just the beginning, but you also have to think about cleaning, maintenance, and cleaning.

Capital Local Services offers the complete package when it comes to fireplace and chimney services. Our installation work is done with quality materials and workmanship, but over time, as with all things, maintenance is going to be required. Chimneys, for example, require an annual sweeping and cleaning. Your fireplace and chimney are exposed to high temperatures and conditions, so regular inspection and cleaning are necessary. 

If you detect that there are any problems with your fireplace or your chimney, call us immediately. We also provide maintenance and repair services. Repairs can be needed if there has been anything from leaking and corrosion to the weathering away of materials on the inside or outside of the fireplace and chimney. Let us do a full inspection and recommend an appropriate course of action.

Our team has been providing chimney and fireplace in Burien for a long time. Our technicians are certified. We value professionalism and quality in all our work. When you use our service, you are assured of a high quality of customer experience, reasonable pricing, and professional work. 


If you need a new or replacement fireplace installed in your home or building, reach out to us today. You can even book an inspection to get started.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Capital Local Services conducts dryer vent cleaning, so if your dryer vent needs cleaning, you are in the right place. Our clients are located in Burien, WA, and surrounding areas. We offer a range of other services, including chimney sweeping and repair, fireplace installations, and air duct cleaning.

We are professional and thorough in our work. We value quality and compliance and strive to make your customer experience the very best.

To learn more about our dryer vent cleaning and other services, get in touch with us. If you have any questions, want to schedule an inspection, or want to find out more about our prices, we are ready to answer you. We prioritize the customer experience, and this has created a community of repeat clients through Burien. Contact us today!

Most people use their dryers regularly but without much thought about what goes on internally. The dryer turns clothes around and dries them using very hot air temperatures. As you know, clothes give off volumes of fiber and lint, so cleaning your lint tray is important. Lint also builds up in the vent over time, and you cannot see this as it happens. Cleaning the tray alone may not be sufficient, so we recommend that you have your dryer vent cleaned every year. 

Our team of experienced technicians regularly provide dryer vent cleaning services to keep you and your family safe. A damaged or dirty dryer vent can lead to a pressure buildup, which can trigger a fire.  

Electric dryers are known to be a major cause of home fires that are laundry-related. The combination of the high heating element and the lint released from the clothes can trigger a fire in the dryer vent.

Dry vent cleaning mitigates this risk so that you can use your electric dryer safely and without fear of fire. Learn more about our dryer vent cleaning approach.

At Capital Local Services, we recognize that our clients need a vast array of residential maintenance, repair, and inspection work. When we conduct an inspection, be it for your dryer vent or chimney, we make it thorough. We note any areas of malfunction or damage and present our clients with a full evaluation. Routine inspections are useful to help you detect problems early on and avoid safety risks and potential fires.

When you conduct us, we first inspect before we start cleaning the dryer vent. The next thing we do is remove the lint from the duct using a brush and high-velocity air. Once the cleaning process is complete, the efficiency of the dryer increases. The vent system also flows better when the air is clean of lint and other particles and fibers.

There may be many residential cleaning and maintenance services in Burien, but there is only one Capital Local Services. Our main point of difference is the basket of related services we offer to our valued customers. Our technicians are certified and experienced in the area they work in.

Air Duct Cleaning

You might not be sure if you need residential air duct cleaning services and how you can tell if this is the case. Our certified technicians have experience working in different homes and have provided quality services to many Burien families.

You can learn more about air duct cleaning from the US Department of Environmental Protection (EPA). They offer suggestions and recommendations regarding this service to help you reach an informed decision.

Most people look into air duct cleaning to deal with dust and other particles that have made the home air ducts dirty. Cleaning the ducts is hoped to clean up the air in the ductwork and air in the home. While studies do not conclusively confirm this result, you may decide to have your residential air ducts cleaned as you see fit. The EPA advises that the as-needed approach is a better way to proceed. Respiratory diseases and breathing difficulties are just two possible motivating factors to consider.

At Capital Local Services, we offer air duct cleaning as one of our many service offerings. We currently service Burien, WA, and surrounding areas. Learn more about our air duct cleaning work!

Owners of fuel-burning furnaces, stoves, and fireplaces are advised to inspect these properly before using them.

Besides the potential negative health effects that dirty air ducts could bring, some research suggests an impact on your HVAC functions. When the cooling foils, fans, and heat exchangers are dirty, this can reduce the heating and cooling systems’ efficiency in your home. When your HVAC is not at its most efficient, this can lead to higher electricity bills.

The best person to answer any questions you have about your air ducts and your home’s HVAC systems is an expert. Our certified technicians are ready to answer your concerns and conduct an in-home inspection. If you are considering air duct cleaning, reach out to us.

At Capital Local Services, we conduct air duct cleaning according to industry standards and guidelines. We are experienced, so you can trust us to get your air ducts functioning efficiently once again.

Here are some of the tasks we carry out during the service:

  • We open the doors and other access points to allow the cleaning and inspection process to take place.
  • We inspect the HVAC system before and after the air duct cleaning. We ensure the system works.
  • We dislodge the dust inside the ducts using an agitation method.
  • Once the dust is agitated and in the air, we use a vacuum method to collect it.

Many people are concerned about the effect that air duct cleaning might have on their carpet and furniture. Our professional team does everything to protect your carpet and furniture from dust particles during the cleaning process. The equipment we use during the process is of high quality. We are also careful to use the right type of brushes, depending on the duct material, and we are thorough in protecting the ductwork during the cleaning process.

Contact us to get started with air duct cleaning.

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